Light Pole Tandem trykkbrems

Light Pole Tandem trykkbrems

Rask informasjon

Condition: new
Material / Metal Processing: Carbon Steel
Automation: Automatic
Additional service: hydraulic bending brake
Certification: ce
After-sales service: on-site maintenance and repair services, engineers can repair machinery overseas
Garanti: 2 år
Name: Bending machine
Controller: Holland DELEM
Hydraulic system: Bosch Rexroth
Main motor: Siemens, Germany
Electrical: Schneider, France
Pipe: EMB Germany
Foot switch: South Korea
Karcon Ball Screw: Hiwn from Taiwan
Machine type: Bending machine
Raw materials: sheet/sheet rolling
Kraft: Hydraulisk


Generally speaking, light pole tandem press brake is the key production equipments. lighting pole can be 9~14m long. if with single hydraulic press, the machine will be very big and long for shipment. at same time, machine will be very high to get enough rigidity. Tandem solution can solve the problems easily. we can use two units machine together and easily get 12m length. For future, we also can put more machines working together to get even more working length.

the lighting pole press brake is electric-hydraulic synchronized machine. all the hydraulic cylinders will be synchronized by the CNC controller. so that the bending performance is good. the machine will have perfect synchronization performance and no need to worry about future calibration. machine capacity can be various according to target pole length and thickness. Our engineer can design machine parameters according to pole size, like throat depth and open height.

Safety Standards

  • EN 12622:2009 + A1:2013
  • EN ISO 12100:2010
  • EN 60204-1:2006 + A1:2009
  • Front finger protection (safe light curtain)
  • Korean Kacon foot switch (safety level 4)
  • The back metal safety fence meets CE standards
  • Safety relays, monitoring pedal switches and safety protection


Tandem Hydraulic Press brake Parameters

Tandem Hydraulic Press brake Parameters

light pole tandem press brake conic pole tooling.

Detaljerte bilder

Main motor
Name: Main motor
  • Brand: SIEMENS
  • Original: Tyskland
  • Guarantee the service life of the machine, reduce
  • working noise, and save energy.

Name: Hydraulic System

  • Brand: BOSCH Rexroth
  • Original: Tyskland
  • Reduce the complexity and cost of maintenance and repair.
  • Resource allocation, greater efficiency, personalization and higher profitability.
  • Germany EMB Tube
  • Using Garmon EMB tube and connectors reduces the odds against welding siag jaming the valves and affect oil flowing
Hydraulic System
Gear pump

Name: Gear pump

  • Brand: Sunny
  • Original: United States
  • The world famous hydraulic pump brand in the United States performs well and provides more power to the entire hydraulic system. It can support the machine to work continuously for more than 13 hours.

Name: electrical box

  • Brand: Schneider
  • Original: France
  • French schneider electrical equipment to ensure the stability of the machine,safe and reliable, strong anti-interference ability
  • Electric cabinet with function of opening door to cut off power.
electrical box
Ball Screw + Linear Guide

Name: Ball Screw + Linear Guide

  • Brand: Hiwin
  • Original: Taiwan
  • High precision Backgauge with fine ball screw and rail linear
  • The Backgauge features a horizontally mounted housing structure with high stability, single-shell dual-rail, high precision, X-axis drive and automatic CNC system.

Name: grating ruler

  • Brand: GIVI
  • Original: Tyskland
  • Special protective measures can greatly reduce the occurrence of various faults, thus extending the service life of the machine.
grating ruler
foot switch

Name: foot switch

  • Brand: Kacon
  • Original: Korea
  • Korean brand foot switch can be moved, press the emergency button can stop at any time.

Name: mold

  • The bending machine adopts 42CrMo material, and the heat treatment temperature reaches 42 degrees, ensuring the service life of the mold.
  • Bending die can be segmented and selected.
  • Optional mechanical quick clamps of upper die is more safe when changing the die.
front Supportor

Name: front Supportor

  • Front supportor with features of simple structure.
  • powerful functions, can be adjusted up and down, or moved along the workbench in rightwards and leftwards.

Name:rear baffle device

  • High stability, high precision, equipped with X-axis driveAutomatic control of nc system.
rear baffle device

stroke Switch

Name: stroke Switch

  • Schneider rear emergercy shutdown switch and stroke switch.

Standard Workbench Compensation Mechanism

Hydraulic disturbance compensation

Name: Hydraulic disturbance compensation

The hydraulic deflection compensation mechanism is a support plate in front and rear, and a vertical plate in the middle. When working, an upward convex curve is generated to compensate the deformation of the table vertical plate and the slider during operation.

Name: Electromechanical compensation

The mechanical disturbance table is used to complement the structure and electric control.

The compensation curve is closer to the skateboard deformation curve.Thereby greatly increasing the bending

Electromechanical compensation

Optional system configuration

  • 1,  one-page parameter fast programming
  • 2,  navigation shortcuts
  • 3,  7″ widescreen color TFT
  • 4,  the maximum 4-axis control (Y1.Y2 and two additional axes)
  • 5,  workbench deflection compensation control
  • 6,  mold / material / product library
  • 7,  USB peripheral interface
  • 8,  advanced Y-axis control algorithm, can control both closed loop and open loop valve
  • 9,  panel-type installation structure, optional suspension box


  • 1, two-dimensional graphics programming
  • 2, 10.4″ LCD TFT color display
  • 3, the bending process is determined
  • 4, expand the length calculation
  • 5, work bench deformation compensation
  • 6, USB interface
  • 7, advanced Y-axis control algorithm, both controllable Closed loop, also can control open loop valve
  • 8, servo control, frequency control and AC Flow motor control


  • 1, “shortcuts” touch navigation
  • 2, 10.1″ high resolution true color TFT display
  • 3. Up to 4 axes control (Y1, Y2 + 2 auxiliary axes)
  • 4, deflection compensation control
  • 5, with mold / material / product library
  • 6, support servo or variable frequency control
  • 7, advanced Y-axis control algorithm, both controllable Closed-loop valve, also can control open-loop valve
  • 8, network two-machine linkage (optional)


  • 1, 2D touch graphics programming
  • 2, 15″ high resolution TFT true color display
  • 3. Calculation of bending process
  • 4. Disturbance compensation control
  • 5, servo and inverter control mode
  • 6, advanced Y-axis control algorithm, you can control the closed-loop valve, you can also control the open-loop valve
  • 7, USB interface
  • 8, Profile-58TL offline programming software


  • 1, 2D touch graphics programming
  • 2, 3D product graphic simulation display
  • 3, 17″ high resolution TFT true color display
  • 4, the complete Windows application package
  • 5, compatible with Delem modular structure system
  • 6, USB, peripheral interface
  • 7, user program application in multi-tasking environment
  • 8, angle detection sensor interface
  • 9, Profile-T3D offline programming software


  • 1, 2D and 3D touch graphics programming
  • 2, 3D product graphic simulation display
  • 3, 17″ high resolution TFT true color display
  • 4, the complete Windows application package
  • 5, compatible with Delem modular structure system
  • 6, USB, peripheral interface
  • 7, user program application in multi-tasking environment
  • 8, angle detection sensor interface
  • 9, Profile-T3D offline programming

Optional protection device

Light curtain protection device
Light curtain protection device
Laser protection device
Laser protection device

fuselagePrecise bending


Spørsmål: Hvordan få et nøyaktig tilbud fra oss?
A: Unngå detaljene i materialet, for eksempel metalltykkelse og bredde.
Spørsmål: Du er produsent eller handelsbedrift?
A: We are 100% manufacturer with 17 year’s manufaturer experience.
Q: Kan du gjøre OEM-tjenester?
A: Ja, det kan vi. designen din blir akseptert, din egen logo kan brukes på maskinen.
Spørsmål: Hva er fraktkostnaden fra Kina til ditt land?
A: Vi kan sende maskinen til din port eller døradresse med sjø eller fly. vennligst fortell oss din nærmeste port eller adresse med postnummer. vi har pålitelig leveringsagent for å forsikre den trygge og tidsfrie levering.
Spørsmål: godtar du LC-betaling?
A: Ja, normalt er vår betaling 30% + 70%, LC-betaling er også akseptabel
Spørsmål: Hvordan betjene denne maskinen?
A: Videolinje fra fabrikken, eller vi sender deg videoen direkte.
Spørsmål: Hva med igangkjøringstjeneste?
A: Vi kan tilby igangkjøringstjeneste, kjøperen trenger å ha råd til flybilletter.
Spørsmål: Tilbyr du undervisning og opplæring?
A:Training at supplier’s plant